Requirements and Rules

Only videos with the following subjects will be posted and eligible for the prize.  (Sarcasm is acceptable)


        1. Global Climate change
        2. Water usage and needs
        3. Waste
        4. The error in doubting that the planet is out of balance.

  • Information must be accurate; reliable reference cited in the closing credits.
  • 50% of the judging will be based specific criteria (accuracy and integrity) and 50% will be based on the number of views of each videos.  (See Judging Criteria)
  • Integrity: The information must not be exaggerated or underplayed. Information given must match the facts behind the information within scientific ranges.
  • Part of the video should include information about Global Climate Change.  This need not be a focus; it can be mentioned.  An example of a mention would be a phrase, a statement, or a visual (like a poster in the backgroud) that supports the belief that the climate is changing due human production of green house gasses.
  • No Nudity. No cursing (according to FCC regulations)
  • Copyright laws must be observed. Any material taken from another reference, be it artistic or scientific must be cited on the ending credits. (Example: if the words of a song are changed for the purpose of the video, the original artist must give his or her consent.)
  • Entrants must be US Citizens 18 or older.  Entrants under 18 may enter with their parent’s permission.  Organizations, such as schools, may enter as an organization.
  • Videos must be submitted by November 15
  • Videos will be released simultaneously and their viralness will be calculated by the number of unique hits on YouTube multiplied by the retention rate (the amount of the video watched, on average) at the end of the day on January 15.
  • Only hits received on the Viral Green Video website will count towards the co-opetition.
  • Judges will use their discretion with regards to taste. Judges decision is final.
  • Contestants may share their videos with each other’s audience.
  • Current contestants may compare notes on videos, but may not use each other’s ideas without expressed, written consent from authors.
  • Once a video has been entered, it can be used for a reference and it’s concept may be expanded upon. The hope and intention is to learn from each other’s work year over year
  • All entrants must sign an entrance document previous to submitting a video:
      1. Link the video will be kept on the Viral Green Video (VgV) website
      2. Videos can be used by VgV for promotion or education purposes
      3. Authors of each video will be sited.