Basics: out of a possible 100 points, you’ll get:

20 Points for entering:

The subject: You’ve got choices: it can be issues with

  • global climate change
  • doubt that these subjects are issues that will affect human life
  • pollution
  • waste
  • water scarcity

The subject covered may be a subset of the larger category.  For example, if the topic of the video is “waste,” then the video may cover plastic bags, OR food waste, OR composting, etc.

Sarcasm is fine,  🙂  as long as you’re not so sarcastic that the issue is obscured.

You can’t make stuff up – what is said has to be accurate within the give and take of scientific research, but you don’t have to get science-y about it.  In other words, you can say something open ended like “Global Climate Change is Real,” but you don’t have to prove it in the video.

0 to 10 Points for Documentation:

You get points for documenting– either at the end in the credits, spoken by someone in the video or as a flash fact in the middle of the video.

10 Points – All or None if

Time under 2 minutes.  Although these points are all or none, going over the time limit will not keep the video from the competition.

1 – 10 Points for:

Judges’ discretion based on the extent to which the video made it’s point.  (10 points) The quality of the video will not be judged, but may influence the degree to which the point is made will be.

1 – 50 Points based on:

Viralness.  Points will be calculated at the end of the competition. It will be calculated by the number of unique hits multiplied by the retention rate.

For example,  if there are two videos and the first one has 100,000 hits, but only 10,000 are unique and the retention rate (the amount of time people watch) is only 10% , the viral points would be 10,000 x .1 = 1000 viral points.  The second one has only  9000 hits, but they are all unique with a retention rate of 90%, the viral points would be 9000 x .90 = 8100 viral points.  The first would get 6 points and the second would get 50 points.

Judges may choose to withhold video.  All judges’ decisions are final.